Hi, my name is Dominik and coding is my passion


About me

I’m Dominik Diner, a computer science student who loves to write code and is currently working at msg as a software developer. This is my portfolio containing a few of my little side projects that I work on in my free time.

Every project has a general theme where is was trying something new, like this page that I wrote with the static site generator Hugo or Rezepteberg, which is a neat application for storing recipes.

I’m especially interested in creating websites that are enjoyable to use whether on a mobile or desktop device. A current trend is to create websites that look and feel like native apps, these are called progressive web apps or short PWA. I find them to be particularly interesting because they can be used without an internet connection after visiting the site once. Other than that, they can be installed on the device for a more native feel.

I’m also a fan of Material Design and graphic-design in general. Google has published great guidelines for components and UI/UX patterns on material.io, which serves as a general guideline for many of my projects.